One of the topics we discussed in the recent Endurance PhD Intensive was the importance of matching your goals with your personal values. I just completed this quiz to rank my top values. I originally selected 22 values from the list, and the quiz reported my top 5 results here. This quiz was difficult because I felt like so many of the values were related to me. The way I made my decision in a tie was ask which value was a result of the other value? More details of how I nested these values is below.

  1. Authenticity. I interpret this as being genuine and truthful about my goals, ambitions, and values. I feel uncomfortable when I lie to other people. Some values that stem from Authenticity are: uniqueness, honesty, curiosity
  2. Accountability. I interpret this as being someone that other people can count on. If I say I’m going to do something, I will deliver. I never want to be considered the flaky friend. Some values that stem from Accountability are: loyalty, honesty, commitment
  3. Certainty. I don’t like surprises. I prefer having a schedule that stays the same from day to day. This leaves me mental energy to work on more important things. However, I am working on being more flexible when necessary! Some values that stem from Certainty are: security, financial stability, trust
  4. Control. I want to have as much information about my situation as possible, especially when making a decision. This is what allows me to maintain certainty and accountability. Some values that stem from Control are: peace, appreciation, privacy
  5. Discipline. I like to be oriented towards a long-term goal. I haven’t been good at resisting temptation (like sugar or sleeping in) lately, but I am working towards building up that stamina again. Some values that stem from Discipline are: growth (another big one for me), excellence, respect, challenge