Version 2

I’m feeling a bit frustrated that I am already adjusting this, but after some great conversations with my therapist and my roommate, I think I have come up with a plan that is more sustainable. With version 1 below, I was already feeling overwhelmed thinking that I need to check off everything every day. I’ve learned I need to give myself some grace, as my therapist puts it, so that I can still say I showed up for myself even if the energy and motivation is low that day. Overall, I just want to get back to feeling like I am in control of my schedule again. Then we can get down to optimizing!

Version 1

New Year’s resolutions are hard. Instead of making a yearly goal that is hard to stick to, the theme of the year is consistency and sustainability. I want to make habits that are flexible and will last for years. Therefore, I have identified 6 main areas of my life I want to improve and will make a monthly goal. Each month’s goal will be a small item to focus on for the whole month. If it doesn’t work, I will try something else the next month. Otherwise, I will build off of it in the following month! This page will get updated over the course of the year along with notes about the process.

  Hobbies Relationships Food Wellness Physical Wellness Personal/Professional Developement Productivity
January Knit at least 2 rows every day Say a meaningful thank-you every day Eat one fruit and one vegetable at each meal Short strength practice/PT exercises every day Complete fellowship application Implement Deep Work routine