The details

  • Date: 26 January 2021
  • Speaker: CTL fellows
  • Title: Encouraging Presence
  • Host: CU Boulder Center for Teaching and Learning

The notes

  • Quick check-in to see how people are doing: annotate on zoom slide
  • Vulnerability: being willing to admit your mistakes and sharing your own personal experiences
  • Flexibility: when class format is uncertain, check in with students to see what their needs are. You may need to adapt based on the energy students are bringing into the class.
  • Give a variety of opportunities for students to be engaged. Be persistent in advertising your office hours and make them fun. Start each class with a quick breakout room with some reflection questions about life and the course content.
  • Don’t just teach to the top third of the class, who are already engaged and attentive
  • Some ideas compiled by the speakers